Woodburner fuel to be banned in the home under new government legislation

More than 1 million families in the UK rely on wood burners to warm their homes during the winter months. In an attempt to reduce pollution and create cleaner air, the UK government has announced that by 2023 polluting fuels burnt on open fires and household stoves will be phased out. Speaking to the Huffington […]

Smart Oil Tank Gauge Benefits

7 Benefits Of A Smart Oil Tank Gauge Particularly in the colder months, managing your heating oil usage manually can be difficult and strenuous. Often, this can lead to a shortage of fuel, or completely running out at a time when you need it most. However, with a Smart Monitor, all of these problems can […]

National initiative launched to tacked cold weather-related deaths

To help prevent the rising number of cold weather-related deaths in the UK, Certas Energy has launched a Cold Weather Priority (CWP) Initiative, in collaboration with the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers and UKLPG. According to the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE), as many as 40,000 people die in the UK each year due to […]